Blackout Shades

by Maiden Names

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zelotypic thumbnail
zelotypic I've loved this album since I first found it in 2012. I'm a huge Batman fan (Scarecrow is my favorite character, and he's how I found this). The entire album is so beautiful and I could honestly listen to it forever. Favorite track: Eyeblack.
Keej thumbnail
Keej Amazing music, regardless of being a Batman fan or not. Very dark and almost reminds me of Southern Gothic music. Favorite track: Your Suffering.
Mel thumbnail
Mel Absolutely nerdgasmic. I fell in love with "Your suffering" the second I listend to it. Nice to know there are still dedicated artists out there, would love to hear more. Favorite track: Your Suffering.
Krampus thumbnail
Krampus Minimalist and depressing in a way that rewards repeated listening.
Touches an emotional chord without pandering.
Achieves a nearly perfect blend of intimate lyrics and expressive melody. Favorite track: Stop Bleeding.
Megan thumbnail
Megan I love this album! I've never come across a collection of music that manages to capture the characters of the Batman universe as well as this album does! Favorite track: Blackout Shades.
Rowdy Vandeventer
Rowdy Vandeventer thumbnail
Rowdy Vandeventer I'm not terribly familiar with the batman mythos, but this is real solid music regardless. Favorite track: No Slack.
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Alexa and Mark would like to thank:

Diane & David Rose
P & M
Charlie Hely
Tony White
Valentina Calastri
Neil Cicierega
Ming Doyle
Ryan Murphy
Alora Lanzillotta
Emmy Cicierega
Nancy Cicierega



released November 11, 2011

Written by Alexa Rose*
Arranged and Produced by Mark Boccard

*except 'Blackout Shades' and 'Come Down to Earth', co-written with Mark Boccard



all rights reserved


Maiden Names

Alexa Rose


Mark Boccard

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Track Name: Love Your Enemy
This will go on forever until one of us breaks
so shuffle up those cards my friend,
go on and raise the stakes
You know I won’t stay down under your lock and key
I’m a part of you now honey, you’re a part of me

Drive the point home as gently as you can
Try to remember that you’re the better man
You’re gunna love me, that’s what you said
You’re gunna love me, yeah, maybe when I’m dead

Ha ah ha ah ha ah ha ah ah ha

So, what stage of grief is this supposed to be?
Another scene of the blackest comedy
where I watch you suffer sins for which you can’t atone
and in the dark I feed the fire, I’m not leaving you alone
Track Name: American Hero
This wicked city
This vicious town
It broke my spirit
It burnt me down
If I ever had a friend I could count on
If I ever had a love to call my own
they’re gone

Oh oh oh oh

And I thank God
that Justice is blind
‘cause if she saw what I have done
she would lose her mind

Change your name
Erase your face
American hero

I sympathize the deepest with the worst of humankind
Because we once held tenderly what we now set on fire
Track Name: Your Suffering
Religion left you in the dust of Georgia in the summer months
Shrieking calls of murderous crows would rouse you from your slumber
Fresh haystacking burlap sacking scratched against your skin
She locked you in that place again and filled you up with sin

Night comes down, make your poison
Starve your muscles down to your skeleton
They’re all fatted cows slated for slaughtering
Dig deep down and kill

You’re suffering, kill
Kill your suffering

The city lights are awfully bright
but they don’t keep you up at night
You’ve got some vital things to do and nobody is safe
You thought it would be different here
you thought that it would disappear
Once you choked your only fear and put it in its grave
Track Name: Stop Bleeding
My hands around your throat are just another joke
You will take it smiling, so self-sacrificing
I’ll never touch you the way you need me to
for my hands, attuned to violence, have forgotten how to soothe

I can’t believe the things I’ve done to you
Can love exist in this hell we put each other through?
‘Cause if there’s a white light when we die
I hope it’s the same light for you and I

Another replay of the scene where they strip and scrub you clean
You look so awfully naked in the florescent shower sheen
I’ve never been laid bare like that, dissected and displayed
And fucked and fragile as you are, you are so very brave

Can we stop bleeding long enough to start healing?
Track Name: Blackout Shades
I know where you’re going but I don’t know when
Someday you’re gunna break if you don’t learn how to bend
Blackout shades…you sleep all day
It’s on my mind every single night and I’m tired now

I can’t wait
I can’t wait up for you

Sometimes you’re just a child playing pretend
Half of you doesn’t know where the other half’s been
Took your silver spoon, traded it for the moon
And you try, but you can’t tell wrong from right
Track Name: Come Down to Earth
Sickly love, my sickly love
on a highway sign
Sickly love, my sickly love
‘neath the neon lights

Give me one good reason why I should cry if you were to die
If you would die

Come down to earth now
Come down to earth

Sickly love, my sickly love
Time to end the hurt
Sickly love, my sickly love
Turn back into dirt
Track Name: Eyeblack
There’s a party at the manor, a monthly affair
to keep all the tigresses hungry
All of them built like bomber beauties
for a pantomime of slink and sly

With rings of black around their eyes
Rings of black around their eyes tonight

You never see me miss a beat
the wounds I bear remain discreet
I make an entrance but you never see me leave
It’s my kindest cruelty to deceive

With rings of black around my eyes
Rings of black around my eyes tonight

And I know you’re waiting there for me
Like a child, inconsolably
There’s a haunting ecstasy in your smile

With rings of black around your eyes
Rings of black around your eyes tonight

‘glimpsed in silhouette, deepening violet’*

*from the poem ‘Explaining an Affinity for Bats’ by A.E. Stallings
Track Name: I'm Your Bitch
You ain’t got the sense of a dog sometimes
I wonder if the fault’s more yours or mine
‘cause I’m always ready to scratch your itch
Ain’t it good to know that I’m your bitch?
Track Name: No Slack
Wonder what it’s like inside your dark retreat
Suiting up tonight, assemble piece by piece
Skin so black and blue seldom sees the sun
Does anyone touch you, do you touch anyone?

Tabs on you and tabs on me, we circle endlessly
Two dots on a radar screen with silence in between
The longer you can look away, the more you care for me
The closest we can ever be is when you turn to leave

What a bitter price you pay to play this game
You’re making all the rules, nobody else to blame
Go round and round the track, at least you’re going fast
You’ll force it ‘til you snap
You got no slack

You hit me hard
I hit you harder
The world’s greatest
Living martyr