Your Suffering (single)

by Maiden Names

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released October 12, 2011



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Maiden Names

Alexa Rose


Mark Boccard

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Track Name: Your Suffering
Religion left you in the dust of Georgia in the summer months
Shrieking calls of murderous crows would rouse you from your slumber
Fresh haystacking burlap sacking scratched against your skin
She locked you in that place again and filled you up with sin

Night comes down, make your poison
Starve your muscles down to your skeleton
They’re all fatted cows slated for slaughtering
Dig deep down and kill

You’re suffering, kill
Kill your suffering

The city lights are awfully bright
but they don’t keep you up at night
You’ve got some vital things to do and nobody is safe
You thought it would be different here,
you thought that it would disappear
Once you choked your only fear and put it in its grave
Track Name: Eyeblack
There’s a party at the manor, a monthly affair
to keep all the tigresses hungry
All of them built like bomber beauties
for a pantomime of slink and sly

With rings of black around their eyes
Rings of black around their eyes tonight

You never see me miss a beat
the wounds I bear remain discreet
I make an entrance but you never see me leave
It’s my kindest cruelty to deceive

With rings of black around my eyes
Rings of black around my eyes tonight

And I know you’re waiting there for me
Like a child, inconsolably
There’s a haunting ecstasy in your smile

With rings of black around your eyes
Rings of black around your eyes tonight

‘glimpsed in silhouette, deepening violet’*

*from the poem ‘Explaining an Affinity for Bats’ by A.E. Stallings